How Find Real Estate Agent




A good real estate agent can make or break a homebuying or selling experience, so

it’s important to do your research to find an agent who fits your needs and

personality. You’ll want to consider how they communicate with clients, how they

handle negotiations, and if they have a track record of successful closings.


Choosing the right agent starts with trusted referrals. Ask friends and family who

recently bought or sold a home for their recommendation. Chances are they’ll

mention the agent who went above and beyond to meet their needs, set realistic

expectations, and provide great service. You can also ask neighbors for

recommendations if you’re new to the area.


But be careful relying too heavily on referrals. The agent who worked wonders for

your sister or childhood best friend may not be the right fit for you. Different buyers

have different financial circumstances, different neighborhoods in mind, and

different priorities.

The internet is an excellent resource for finding agents, and many real estate

websites have a directory of local agents with customer ratings, listing activity stats,

and other information. You can also use a free agent matching service like Clever to

see a list of local agents who are a good fit for you based on your criteria.

When you’re ready to narrow down your choices, schedule a time to meet with each

candidate. Treat the interview process like a job interview, and ask each agent

important vetting questions such as how long they’ve been in business, whether

they specialize in buying or selling, and how much they typically sell or buy in a

year.For more info


A top agent will take the time to listen and understand your goals, respond quickly

to phone calls and texts, and be a proactive advocate for you. They’ll also have a

firm grasp of your area’s market trends and be knowledgeable about the area’s

schools, commute times, and other factors that may influence your decision.

Be on the lookout for red flags such as an agent who’s pushy or makes you feel

uncomfortable. You don’t need an aggressive salesperson to help you find your

dream home, and in fact, a pushy agent could end up costing you money by

overpricing your property or bidding wars.


When it comes to buying or selling, you’ll want an agent who’s responsive and

honest with you. Avoid any agent who takes more than five days to return a call or

doesn’t respond to a text message promptly. You should also be wary of agents who

give you unrealistic expectations about what you can expect from the housing

market or a specific neighborhood. And remember, if your gut says no, don’t be

afraid to walk away.